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Toronto and vicinity pet stores

>In terms of ranking, the Smart Pet store located in the same mall as IKEA in 
>Hamilton is definately the best store.

I havn't been to Hamilton in quite a while although
I grew up next door in Burlington. It really is sad to
see all the old stores gone: Franks, Aquarium Hamilton,
the Bubble Nest (although Paul McFarlane is still around
and on the net) and the original Pet Paradise. When was
the last time you saw chocolate gouramis or Notho rachovii
in a store? 

Anyway, for plants it'd be hard to beat PJ's in Scarborough Town
Center. They has about 25 species of cryptocorynes, and about 6-10 of
each plant, all perfect. Quite a sight.

Richard J. Sexton                                         richard at aquaria_net
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