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Re: How my plants changed color under a GE PL-AQ tube


VERY interesting. The P&A bulb and the C50 bulb have very similar outputs
when expressed in PAR units (total number of photons emitted in between 400 
and 700 nanometers). But the P&A creates about 35% MORE red photons than the 
C50, and about 35% LESS blue photons than the C50. So is this evidence that
an excess of red photons stimulates the red color in plants ? Maybe this
is why some of my formerly redder plants turned out to greener growth when 
I replaced a 1:1 mix of C50 and GroLux (60 watt total) with a mix of 5400K 
and 6700K PCs (110 watt total). This increased the total number of PAR photons 
by 120%, but  dramatically shifted the red/blue ratio from 1.7 to 0.6. Hummm....

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD