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Re: 9 watt heater

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> Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 00:37:13 +1100
> From: "Neil Travis" <travisn at gravity_net.au>
> Subject: 9 watt heater
> fitting a heater into the outlet of an UGF would have no different an effect
> than simply placing it in the tank.

	I'm not sure I agree.  If placed in the UGF tube it would probably
heat the water in the tube to a temperature higher than the ambient tank
temp. This should cause water to rise and thus suck water through much like
a UGF w/ a powerhead or airstone would. I think the theory is that this
will cause a much slower flow which will be beneficial for substrate
nutrient flow but not have all the badness generally associate with UGF.
I think what I would prefer is to put a heater in the 'updraft' tube but
run a power head in reverse.. ie., create a RUGF w/ a heater. I've not tried
either myself. The Krib has an article on the subject..