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Re: 9 watt heater

Neil writes:

> fitting a heater into the outlet of an UGF would have no different an effect
>  than simply placing it in the tank. All it would do would be heat the tank
>  water.
>  cheers
>  Neil

You're missing the idea here, Neil.  You install a mini-heater in the uplift 
tube and don't add any air or pump.  Convection will cause the warm water in 
the tube to rise out the top of the tube.  Replacement water comes up from 
the plenum, and down into the plenum through the gravel.  The real issue is 
the flow-rate of the water.  I suspect that a 9-watt unit would be pretty 
useless in a tank larger than ten gallons (35 liters).  Hagen makes suitable 
mini-heaters that are fully submersible at 25- and 50- watts.

Bob Dixon