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You say molucca (shrimp that is)

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<< From: "Stephen Lindsay" <stephen_lindsay at lineone_net>
 Subject: re: flower shrimp
 On Thu. 30th Dec., Karen wrote:
 "Atyopsis mollucensis. Another common name is Thai Wood Shrimp, though their
 scientific name suggests that they are not from Thailand."
 I would like to have indicated what is in the scientific name above that 
proves the
 shrimp is not from Thailand.
 Also, is tropical shrimp are largely filter-feeders, do they really make 
much impact
 upon various forms of algae in the aquarium.
Sorry to be a "butt-in-ski" here... but as a long (okay, old) reader/writer 
in the field of systematics I feel compelled to mention that real often, 
scientific names that refer to specific localities don't necessarily have 
much to do with their real distribution... but likely their "type" locality 
(from whence the organism was originally collected, described from. In the 
case of Atyopsis moluccensis... it is indeed found in a much wider range than 
the "Moluccas" (pic and more at: 
And, I would give a look/see at the last assertion... that tropical shrimp 
are largely filter feeders... maybe as planktonic juveniles... 
Bob "shrimpy today" Fenner