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Re: photography

Thomas Vickers sez: 
>  I have borrowed a real camera and want to photograph my 55gallon tank.
>  Any ideas on good techniques?
>  Should I open windows and use natural light or just depend on the Tank
>  lights?

My tank doesn't look good enuf to photograph yet (but it's getting there), so 
I don't have first-hand experience.  But from a technical perspective, it 
should work best to light the tank with incandescent lights and then use a 
blue filter (80A or 80B) to correct the color.  Incandescent lamps have 
better color rendering than even Chroma 50 fluorescent lamps, and *much* 
better than other fluorescents.  Use a tripod if you have it.  I don't think 
the film speed really makes a lot of difference.  Don't try to use a flash 
unless you have a fancy tilt/shift lens, or else the flash will reflect off 
the glass and wash out your picture.  Even without a flash, you might want to 
have the camera at a slight angle to the front glass instead of straight on, 
so you don't get a reflection of yourself and the camera superimposed in the 

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.

Regards, Bob