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Cichlasoma managuense

Common name: jaguar cichlid

Photo by Mark Rosenstein / Active Window Productions, Inc.

Photo by Jim Green

Why is it, when I mention the name jaguar cichlid, the repsonse is always "Oh, I never heard of that one." If you like muscle fish, this is your baby. Even at a young age, this bruiser has the mean appearance that sets this breed apart from the rest. I have raised my jag with several types of oscars and a dempsey. My male is beautiful with the artistically placed spot pattern and irridescent color reflections throughout its long muscular body. He had always cmailed a cave at one end of the tank. If the other fish come to near, he would rush out and threaten by pushing the invader with mouth open as if to instigate a fight. My oscars have never challenged him, but my dempsey (although much smaller) seems to relish the opportunity to get in his face. The ambushes so far do not appear to be any more than a scare tactic. When a jag is kept in a healthy atmosphere and fed lots of live food (eg. feeder goldfish or earthworms) they will quickly fill out to an 18 inch lean, mean fighting machine. As they mature, they take delight in displaying their large projectile mouth revealing the fang-like teeth. My guy is now about 9 inches long, as apposed to the 3 1/2" when I got him 6 months ago. I don't believe he would ever become aggressive towards me (at least I hope not) as he could probably do damage in a hurry. This breed is one that should be isolated in a large tank all to itself with cave forming rockery. If you have not seen a jaguar cichlid, you owe it to yourself. They are absolutely awesome!
Jim Green Huntsville, Ontario, Canada

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