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Amphiprion sebae

Common name: sebae clown

Photo by Hiroyuki Tanaka

As with all damsels and anemonefish, A. sebae can become quite agressive toward members of its own or similar species if it doesn't have a large territory to call its own. At any rate, all damsels in an aquarium are best if they are the same size (this may reduce agression). These fish will appreciate a sebae or carpet anemone to take refuge in, but this isn't absolutely necessary. Like many other clownfish, the sebae is easy to feed in the aquarium, and is relatively undemanding in water quality requirements. Be sure to keep the nitrates down if you plan to keep any anemones with these fish.

This fish best shows off its colors and actions when accompanied by a sebae anome. I feel it is best to buy them young, then they tend to be less shy and more playful.

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