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Balantiocheilus melanopterus

Common name: tri-color shark, bala shark

Photo by Mark Rosenstein / Active Window Productions, Inc.

I've always liked the sleekness of the bala shark. The two I have were relatively small (about 3") when I got them several months ago. Now they have reached an impressive 7" in length. Their once slender bodies have filled out to a pretty fair girth. I spoil my sharks on earthworms fed by hand (sectioned) as a main diet, but they also relish bloodworms and beefheart and they will take the occasional tropical pellet. I keep them in a 55 gallon aquarium with other fish species susch as a pair of 4" silver dollars, a 4" gourami, a pair of 6" tinfoil barbs and a pair of 3" angels. Everybody gets along so far, but the sharks seem to to like to play tag alot. This is especially true with each other, but sometimes they will chase the silver dollars too. There doesn't seem to be any nipping or injuring, but rather a game. I refer to them as the tank exercisers. Balas need space and are very friendly, especially to the hand that feeds them. But they are ever alert to anything different or threatening. They are a terrific addition to anyone's tank, but I fear mine will become too large too fast as they can reach a length of 14 inches on a proper meat food diet. I take a certain pride in raising all my young fish on a healthy diet and achieveing full growth potential. My balas are with me until death do us part.
Jim Green Huntsville Ontario Canada

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