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Barbus schwanenfeldi

Common name: tinfoil barb

Photo by Kevin Ratliff

Photo by Mark Rosenstein / Active Window Productions, Inc.

Hi! I own a couple of goldfin tinfoil barbs. Purchased them about 4 months ago at 2 1/2" long...now they are almost 6" in length. These fish are a joy to watch: the antics and speed swimming. Home is a well planted 55 gallon aquarium. Various heights of (plastic plants) offer a cover, swim space and is pleasing to the eye. Although my tank is set up with lots of natural looking sculpture like driftwood and fungus covered stumps etc... the barbs don't use it at all, preferring to stay out in the open spaces (usually where the food comes in). As of yet, my guys have not shown aggression toward the other breeds, although I've been told that once they are full mature, they get that way. Never get just one tinfoil barb, as they need company of their own species even in a community tank. Three to five is best, but my two always hang together. Warning: they are aggressive feeders, moving at the spped of sound, grabbing up everything in sight. I have witnessed them seemingly engaged in a mating dance. They will postiion themselves side by side, then start wagging their tails vigorously, as if to rub up against one another for up to 1/2 hour. This is especially evident after they have just eaten. Their tank mates consist of a pair of 4" silver dollars, a 4" gourami, a pair of 3" harlequin angels and a couple of 7" bala sharks. All of my fish are incredibly healthy and vigorous. It has been commented that my fish are so shiny and active, to which I jokingly reply "well I just polished them yesterday." I attribute their health and rapid growth to their diet. They love mainly earthworms (sectioned), beefheart, or bloodworm (frozen). On occasion, I feed spirulinaflakes or seaweed salad. If you are looking for a single breed that will give you many years of enjoyment, these "show-offs" I highly reccomend.
Mr. Jim Green Huntsville Ontario Canada

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