Rhinecanthus aculeatus

Humu Humu Trigger, or Picasso Trigger


From: rdibisch@cml.com

A "Picasso" Triggerfish (Rhinecanthus aculeatus), more commonly known a as a Humu-Humu Triggerfish is actually one of the more aggressive (so they say) triggerfish. I keep one in a species tank with a Niger Triggerfish (Balistoides niger) and they seem to get along pretty well, however the R. aculeatus is about half the size of the Niger. Evidently they do get pretty aggressive when they get larger. Feeding is mostly live and frozen foods. I give them a mixture of Brine Shrimp, Frozen Krill, Frozen Urchin and Mussell and the odd Feeder guppy. As far as health, they are very hardy fish. I have seen them survive through Nitrates over 50ppm for extended periods of time and even survive the complete conditioning cycle. You would probably have to step on it to kill it.

You should be able to keep it in a 30-35 gallon until it is about 4-5 inches in length. After then you would probably need a larger tank. And they are quite territorial. Make sure there is a large cave or shell that he can call a home. He will dig and move the substrate to make it more "Homey" when he moves in.

Dan Rothschild  <Dan@brewich.com>

It will outgrow the 30 gallon tank in no time. I'd recccomend a 65 gallon tank with no tankmates. I believe you are talking about _Rhinecanthus aculeatus_ which can become over 12" in maturity. They like calm water with a sandy botton, temperature about 78` and an 8.0 pH. Density: 1.024-1.026. They need good lighting and *plenty* of swimming room.

Don't be alarmed if it's on the bottom one day on it's side, that's how these thing sleep!