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Re: NFC: Collecting in Missouri

Im jelous....You shouldhave brought a dog as a beater they send the fish
right into the seine...

On Sun, 30 May 1999 15:07:54 -0500 (CDT) mcclurg luke e    
<mcclurgl at washburn_edu> writes:
>Well, here is my account of my adventures from last week.
>On Monday, the 24th I traveled down to the Big Piney River near 
>MO. to try my luck at finding Bleeding Shiners and Plains Topminnows.  
>collected at a public access area call "The Narrows" on the Big 
>There was another access just up the road that I found out about later 
>I was driving home that looked even better...Oh well.
>Anyway, I took some traps and my dipnets and headed down to the river. 
> It
>was a clear running stream, approx. 40 feet wide.  I could see 
>sunfish, various minnows and shiners, killies and possibly Southern
>Redbelly Dace in the water.  I set my traps and went to work.   I took 
>dipnet out and began to sample for darters.  It was hard going as the
>current was straong in this location and for a while I was coming up
>empty.  Then, I lucked into netting one young Bleeding Shiner.  As I
>continued to work along the stream, I collected a few Gold Crayfish 
>then a few darters started showing up.  I managed to coolect 
>18 crayfish and about one dozen more Orangethroat Darters for an 
>work.  I then too my "fry net" and made a series of sweeps through 
>shallows and managed to catch several dozen fry of at least three 
>One small Hogsucker and two minnow/shiner species as yet unidentified. 
> It
>had been a long trip down there so my time was limited as I had a 7 
>drive to get home that evening.  So, I collected my traps (which 
>nothing) and headed home.  End of Monday's trip.
>On Thursday, the 27th I met up with "Tony" Tejavej (I know that is
>probably spelled wrong...sorry Tony) from Thailand for an attempt at
>Bleeding Shiners and Cardinal shiners near Joplin, Mo.   First, we 
>about 45 minutes east of Joplin to the Paris Springs access along 
>Creek just east of Mt. Vernon, Mo.  Here, we found a low water bridge 
>provided easy access to a small stream approximately 15 feet wide that 
>clear as tap water.  We spotted several large groups of Bleeding 
>in the water and so got out the seines.  Unfortunately, our seining 
>were somewhat wanting and the shiners were smarter than than two of 
>They all escaped.  So, we set some trap and then Tony took my Umbrella 
>and I got out my fry net and we headed upstream.  Our first bleeding
>shiner capture came as a result of an icident worthy of "America's
>Funniest Home Videos".  I had sat down on a log earlier in the day 
>was fallen across the stream to take a short rest.  As I came by 
>again, I
>again sat down, but this time the log broke and I plunged into the 2 
>deep water.  It wasn't frigid, but cold enough to take your breath 
>Tony asked me if I was alright and all my airless lungs could manage 
>say was something to the effect of "gungh!".  I was fine, 
>laughing hysterically at myself and unable to speak  from lack of air, 
>still fine.  I'm glad someone wasn't there with a video camera, I'd 
>hard pressed to live this one down.  Anyway, Tony gve me a hand up and 
>we stood there he lifted the umbrella net to find a lard male 
>shiner in it.  Not the best way to catch them...but we 'd take it.  
>Tony managed to catch about 14 specimens with the umbrella net and I
>caught over 50 young fry.  I turned them loose thought as some were 
>and didn't seem to be taking the capture too well.  All in all we 
>or saw the following species in the creek:  Bleeding Shiner, Ozark 
>Bluegill, Longeared Sunfish, Creek Chub, a large unidentified
>shiner/minnow with tubercles, an unidentified darter and some saddled
>Next we went to the access point on the Spring River near La Russell, 
>The Spring River was running high and fast so we did not feel 
>wading into it.  However we did dipnet along the shore and caught
>approximately two dozen crayfish.  The Neosho Midget and the Saddled
>Craygish I believe.
>Our last stop was an access point just on the south edge of Joplin on 
>small backwater of Shoal Creek.  Shoal Creek was running even harder 
>the Spring River, but fortunately the Wildcat Hollow (or was it 
>access provided a calm, clear backwater.   There was a low water 
>there as well.   At this location we caught a few Longeared sunfish 
>Topminnows that I think are Blackstripe but have not positively ID'd 
>I also collected about 50 young fry thatare doing well even as I type
>this.  We also saw Bluegill and several large Bass in the water.
>Unfortunately, there were two young boys who kept following us around 
>this location.  They dissapeared shortly before we called it a 
>unfortunately, so did one of our traps.  The hazards of collecting I
>guess.  We didn't ever find any Cardinal Shiners, but I am confident 
>they are to be found quite easily in the area and will try to go 
>them again later in the year.
>We didn't get as many fish as we would have liked but we caught some.  
>kept a pair of the Bleeding shiners, a pair of Longears and the four
>Topminnows.  Tony kept the remainder including approximately 9 shiners 
>two small Longears.  At least we were successful in locating 
>points for Bleeeding and Cardinal shiners within a 20 minute drive of 
>Hopefully, with the next expedition, some guys will come along who 
>more experienced with seining for shiners and we can catch a large 
>of these beautiful little gems for all those interested in them.
>Anybody interested in a late September/early October attempt?  Let me

Robert Rice
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