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NFC: Re: NoExotic: Re: Bowfin

>I caught my Bowfin outside of Seymour, Indiana about an hour south of
>Indianapolis.  Several years ago, I caught some juvenile bowfin in the same
>place.  They were about two inches long and in May.  So now is probably the
>time for us in the Midwest to go looking for small Bowfin.

That's a question on my mind - when do bowfin spawn?  Maybe we should move
this to the general list.  Can you respond over there?  Anyway, I would
have serious doubts that two inch fish in May were spawned that spring.
They would have had to have a _very_ early start to get that big by May.  I
would guess they were young of the previous year, perhaps spawned late in
the summer.  Any other theories?  When do bowfin normally spawn?  I guess I
was thinking they're a warm water spawner.

Mark Binkley
Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
mbinkley at earthling_net