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NFC: OH collecting permit

 I received this message from Dwight.  As one can see sometimes the
wheel of progress turns very slowly.

Actually, the OH folks have decided to be a bit of a pain about the permit.
The biologist who did the initial review wants to limit the total take per
species to 50 for all five of us.  Personally, I find this ridiculous, as 
the OH regulations allow  all individual license holders to take up to 500 
total of crayfish, minnows, darters, etc.  For an extra $25, one can 
purchase an OH bait dealers license which removes the 500 fish cap and 
allows sale of baitfish.

If we can't come to a reasonable resolution of the issues, my thought is 
for the NFC to pay 1/2 of the license fees of the OH collectors providing 
fish to the NFC.  In exchange, the collectors would need to provide 
documentation of the source of the fish and certify that they were legally 
taken.  I can work up a form for that purpose.

In any event, I will keep everyone posted on developments.  Please forward
this message to the list so that everyone knows that getting these permits 
is getting bogged down at the moment.