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Re: NFC: Re: Darter tanks and stuff

I make tanks from plywood and epoxy, I have some more than 20 years old and 
still going. Yes, it can be expensive, it only really saves money when you 
make a really large tank 100gal.+. The up side is that you can make a tank 
that conforms to your fish husbandry needs. It's a slow process and takes 
about a week to make a tank, I use several layers of different resins, no 
failures so far. I am considering making a 1000gal tank in my greenhouse for 
natives. I always use glass, it's quite strong when supported on all edges 
evenly. With good plywood, marine preferably, I can make almost any shape, at 
least in theory, with a little time, patience, and precision. I've sold a few 
tanks, one fell off the stand (made by the owner) and survived without a 
leak. I tried to take one apart with a sledge hammer and only succeeded in 
denting it. No cross pieces are necessary, 8' long is as long as I have built 
so far, but I do use an inner rim at the top.