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NFC: Darter Tanks & stuff

I was looking through the June issue of FAMA and saw another article on
building plywood tanks in there, something I've been itching to do for a
few years now. I then thought that maybe, since I don't have room for
anything big, maybe I could design something for darters that would
grace the top of a shelving unit I want to build.

I'm thinking something about 5' long by 6" wide. The tank would be about
1' high, but would only have about 6-8" of water. With a strong
powerhead/sponge filter combo at one end, or maybe even a canister
filter, I might be able to create some good current/ripples.

My questions are, does anybody see anything potentialy wrong with such a
setup? I'm also concerned about water temperature. As anyone familiar
with the northern Illinois area can tell you, we usually get the
extremes of every season. It could get a bit warm in my apartment over
the summer. What, if any, darter species are the most warm water
tolerant? Which are the least?

Tony Gustafson