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Re: NFC: Revamped gallery (technobabble warning)

Tim Ayers wrote:

> The gallery now resides in a home-brew pseudo-relational database using SDBM
> and string concatenation. (Your talk of getting us access to an RDB really
> perked up my ears.) Having the pictures organized into any kind of database
> makes maintenance of the gallery about 4x10^13 times easier. I wrote a little
> CGI DBA tool to allow alterations and I will write a new utility to simplify
> adding new pics.

Excellent!  I'm glad the discussion led to real change.  Unfortunately
it is "technobabble" to most, I think, so it is kind of hard to solicit
dialogue on such issues.

> Thanks again. It's fun. I just wish I had access to the web server error logs
> on Interspeed.net to assist debugging. =:-o So I use a private server for
> development and then move it onto the NFC account. At that point there usually
> isn't much to go wrong.

Will Interspeed mail them to you if you request them?  Or can they set
up a symbolic link for you to be able to ftp the logs?  If you make them
understand that you are trying to keep from tying up too many CPU cycles
with errant code, they may be more cooperative.