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Re: NFC: Revamped gallery

Tim Ayers wrote:

> As part of the never-ending improvements to the NFC website I have redone
> the NFC gallery at http://nativefish.interspeed.net. The content is the
> same, but I hope you find the new version better organized. Comments are
> always welcome.

Great work!  I prefer this over the old frames-based version,
definitely.  It's nice and simple, and the "jump" section at the top
nicely organizes everything at the top of the page without the need to

I noticed the URL now points to a Perl script.  Is this page created
on-the-fly or something?  Just wondering what the Perl script is doing.

If I can offer a small suggestion for improvement, would it be possible
to arrange the families alphabetically to prevent excsessive need for
eyeballing the page?

Other than that one small nit, I really like what you did, Tim.

Chris Hedemark

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