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NFC: Fishin'

I went catfishing at a friend's pond in NW Indiana last Saturday, and
caught nothing but bullheads (I stopped counting how many after about
two hours). I did, however, catch one other fish and I can't figure out
what it was. It had a sunfish-type body, was about 6" long, dark gray in
color with rows of silvery-blue spots running the length of its body.
I had only the light of a nearby street-lamp to go by, but the anal and
dorsal fins appeared black. I distinctly remember the anal fin had a
bright yellow line that ran the length of its outer edge. A truly
remarkable looking fish even in the poor light, and one I hope to have
in my aquarium soon! 

My friend said it was a warmouth, but after looking at the pictures of
warmouths in Peterson's Field Guide and on the NFC Gallery, I'm not so
sure. None of those pics look much like that fish did. Anybody have any
ideas what it was?

Tony Gustafson