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I hate when pine versions change... used to two e-mails. :)

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Imagine a fishing trip that lasts six years, takes you all over Alabama to
practically every type of aquatic habitat imaginable and puts you in contact
with every fish species found in Alabama. What sounds like a dream to most
anglers, was actually a tremendous opportunity for three biologists to
identify every fish species in Alabama for a remarkable new book--Fishes of
Alabama and the Mobile Basin by Maurice F. "Scott" Mettee, Patrick E. O'Neil
and J. Malcolm Pierson. The authors put in untold hours of fieldwork
identifying each fish species, photographing it and determining its habitat
and exact range in the state. The 820-page book that resulted from this work
was a cooperative effort of tine Alabama Game & Fish Division, the
Geological Survey of Alabama and tine U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

With over 70 years of combined experience in collecting and identifying
Alabama fishes, the authors have put together the most comprehensive and
user-friendly book on Alabama fishes ever published. Filled with color
photos and complete scientific information, it's perfect for the coffee
table, the angler's book nook, the student's library, or the biologist's

In an easy-to-read and attractive format, the book contains a two-page
spread on each of the more than 300 freshwater and marine fishes found in
the state. Each species account has two distribution maps, one or more color
photos, and information on physical characteristics, size and angling
records, distribution, habitat and life history. In addition to
comprehensive information on each fish species in Alabama, you'll find very
useful checklists in the book that provide species distribution by county,
river system and drainage group.

For example, at a glance you can see that Montgomery County has 102 fish
species. Baldwin County is tops in the state with 142 total species,
including freshwater and saltwater fish, with Lauderdale County number one
in terms of strictly freshwater species-138.

While working on the book, the authors made a few discoveries of their own.
They found that some of the fish species found in Alabama waters have much
wider range, than first thought. Extra measures were taken in collecting
fish during research for the book. Fish were gathered with net and seine or
stunned by electro-shock. After being photographed, all were returned alive.
Threatened or endangered species were photographed alive in a transparent
tank and returned to their habitat.

Fishes of Alabama and the Mobile Basin was published by Birmingham-based
Oxmoor House. Oxmoor is also marketing the book. The books $50 price tag is
a bargain. Similar books from other states cost more and lack the color and
detail of this book

With more than 400 photographs, amazingly detailed maps and drawings and
valuable information, the book is a wonderful addition to any library and it
makes a great gift. The book is available through Oxmoor House, the Alabama
Game & Fish Division's Fisheries Section in Montgomery - (334) 242-3471, the
Geological Survey in Tuscaloosa (205) 349-2832, and most retail bookstores
in the state.