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Re: NFC: survey and list changes

In a message dated 5/13/99 12:40:48 PM US Central Standard Time, 
Phylesis at aol_com writes:

<< You on a MAC ?   Reason I ask is because AOL 
 has screwed up the interface on the MAC platform and MAC users can't 
 attachments. However, you can click and drag the attchment off the e-mail to 
 your desktop and it will open then. Just some off topic info.   : P

No, Pentium II Gateway.  I download stuff all the time and can normally read 
it, but can't read stuff from NFC.

Once the item is downloaded, I use FIND to locate the file.  Normally, I just 
click it or highlight it and then click OPEN button.  It doesn't work with 
attachements I received a couple of days ago from NFC.

Open for ideas.  Don't pretend to know much computer stuff.