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Re: NFC: NFC server (techie computer geek stuff)

From my perspective as the web coordinator, Chris Hedemark's idea has several
attractions. More control is the foremost. But who's going to administrate this
machine? I hardly have enough time to keep up with the website, so I won't even
consider volunteering.

Our set up at Interspeed is perfectly satisfactory. Up-time is excellent. They
provide CGI-capability so I can do some fun stuff. We have unlimited disk
space. It costs $10/month. If we want to have our own domain name, it costs
$20/month plus the InterNIC fee of $35/yr.

OTOH, it would be nifty to have our own mailing lists. It would be great to
have a database server at our disposal. But I really worry about reliability of
a server run by volunteers. What if our administrator goes on vacation. Our
site and mailing lists could easily be down for a whole week. Yikes!

I also wonder if a $500 box is going to satisfy the computing requirements of
all the advantages Chris listed.

It's a neat idea and I am interested to see how far Chris can get.

Hope you have a very nice day, :-)
Tim "NFC Website Coordinator" Ayers (tayers at bridge_com)
Norman, Oklahoma