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RE: NFC: Flagfish


What is the outdoor temps in the spring when put out   day - highs and
lows / night - highs and lows 

What is the outdoor temps in the summer   day - highs and lows / night -
highs and lows 

What is the outdoor temps in the Fall when brought in   day - highs and
lows / night - highs and lows 

If you can't give the highs and lows for the day / night please give an
estimate and / or average

The reason for the question is that I'm in Alaska and spring / summer /
fall here have a mite bit of difference than you have in the Chicago
area, at least temp wise

I have several pair of Flagfish an am wondering if I could put them out
doors this year


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	The local Petsmart carries them they retail for $1.59  in the
Chicago area.
	Every summer I
	put them in a pond in my backyard and they do rather well.  I
put a
	combination of sand
	and small pebble bottom a half dozen or so clay flower pots and
leave them
	alone at the
	end of summer generally late October I collect 80 or 90 fish.
I've found
	that by putting in
	water lettuce or water hyacinth that gives them the top cover
and spawning
	media that they like. For a treat I drop in a few earthworms or
the odd net
	of daphnia I've been doing this for several years now and have
had no
	problem maintaining my stock.
	Ken Mysliwiec

	Christian C Burke wrote:

	> I recently purchased some Flagfish (Jordanella floridae) from
a local
	> fish store.  These are beautiful, stubby, little killies
native to the
	> Florida peninsula.
	> I had never seen these fish for sale in a store, but perhaps
this is due
	> to my western location.  I got the impression from the
storekeeper that
	> they didn't sell very well, as they were not as "pretty" as
the platies
	> and swordtails in the adjacent tanks...  Whatever.  Just bag
'em and tag
	> 'em, please!
	> These are stunning fish.  The females have a handsome
snakeskin sort of
	> pattern, and the males have bright orange horizontal stripes.
I was
	> particulary attracted to them because they reminded me of the
	> minnows I used to catch in Maryland, but more colorful.
	> I haven't heard any mention about these fish on the list.
Does anyone
	> else see them for sale in stores?  Perhaps they more common
than I
	> realize?  Does anyone have any experience they would like to
share about
	> these little guys?
	> CCB
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