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Re: NFC: NFC List changes

Robert, a visionary of this group, always has excellent ideas.  Those on
this posting are no exception.  I must agree with Moon, however, that it
is healthy to exercise our sense of humor now and then.

It was I who inadvertently triggered the SPAM thread, but it was part of
a truthful a response to a valid topic.  I thought the reactions were
very funny, and I would like to think it contributed to bonding amongst
the members.

Humor is an integral part of the human experience, essential to
effective communication and social interaction.

I don't personally feel this list is overrun by off-topic threads, and I
don't see any need to call in the Pleasure Police just yet.  There are
always going to be some off-topic posts, but that's what the <DELETE>
key was invented for.  I think the majority of the people here are
intelligent enough and considerate enough to know when to quit.

The rest of Robert's ideas are great :-)



Christian C. Burke
mailto:cburke.fish-head at worldnet_att.net