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NFC: Diesel spill

I heard on the news last night that there has been a diesel fuel spill on
the Missouri River at Atchison, KS.  This is located in the extreme NE
part of the state.  This is bad news as this section of river contains
many speicies not found in the rest of the state: Brassy Minnow, Sivery
Minnnow, Burbot and even a reported Bowfin in the past.  Supposedly the
spill is being 'cleaned up' as I write.  I think we all know how well
clean ups go.

The spill was approximately 230,000 gallons and has traveled many miles
downriver already.  Fortunately, due to recent heavy rains, there was
ample drinking water already stored for most areas so it does not appear
to be an immediate threat to the population.  Who knows what long-term
effects it will have though.

Well, that's my 'conservation minute' for the month.

Luke McClurg