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NFC: NFC Mission statement

The NFC Mission Statement
The Native Fish Conservancy (NFC) was formed to operate as a nonpartisan,
nonprofit tax-exempt organization for the advancement of educational and
scientific programs and initiatives concerning native fishes. The NFC
seeks funding from public and private sources and will responsibly
distribute those funds to special projects that enhance public awareness,
education, conservation and research concerning native fish species. The
NFC respects owners of private property and their rights. The NFC seeks
to establish cooperative projects with landowners that preserve property
rights while supporting the implementation of greater conservation
objectives. The NFC partners with government and private agencies to
facilitate stream restoration and waterways cleanup. The NFC supports
domestic propagation of endangered, threatened and special concern
species while complying with all local, state and federal laws, rules and
regulations. The NFC supports recreational collecting, rearing and
breeding of common native fishes. The NFC encourages involvement from the
greater public in regards to native fish and conservation related issues.
Membership in the NFC will be open to all individuals concerned with the
conservation, sport fishing, aquarium study, keeping, collecting or
general welfare of native fish.


Robert Rice
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