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Collections (was Re: NFC: Re: THE LIST/survey)

robert a rice wrote:

> 1. What are you from ?

The left coast (N. CA). ;-)

> 2. How often do you check your email ?

6-8 times a day.

> 3. Whats your favorite thing about the NFC list ?

Learning new stuff about strange little fish.

> 3. Whats your least favorite ?

Off-topic idle chatter (unless truly hilarious, but it rarely is).

> 4. If you could make 1 change to the NFC what would it be ?

IDK. The NFC is pretty new to me. Would like a really clear view of
where it fits vis-a-vis NANFA, DFC, DSAC, etc., in the scheme of things.

The list needs more collecting tales, for sure. 

My latest was a couple of hours with two traps in a little creek in the
Carneros Wine District of Napa County (gorgeous location!). Took about
70 prime-condition 3-Spine Sticklebacks. This strain actually only had
two visible spines. After distributing a couple of trios to interested
friends, my collecting partner, Sue Bunte, returned the rest to the
creek. We may have sold a few at the recent killifish West-Coast

It's tough to captive breed such cool-water species, here, as our
weather warms. I do better with fish from the deserts way south of here.

I plan to see if I can find some *Lucania parva* in breeding colors
around the south SF Bay, soon, too.



Fremont CA. [.sig under construction. Hard drive crashed!]