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NFC: Collecting trip

Since I asked in the survey to see more accounts of collecting trips, here is 
one of my own:

My son and I went to Hartman Creek in Sheboygan, WI and had a great time 
catching a couple specimens each of two species of darters (which I am 
embarassed to say I have not yet identified) and a creek chub (Semolitus 
atromaculatus). The chubs are guarding their nests at this time.  When I 
brought them home, one pair of the darters promptly spawned against the side 
of the glass. 

Question: Do females lay eggs when stressed that are infertile or are they 
released only in "normal" spawning activity? This particular pair seemed 
pretty amorous in their behavior but I missed the actual laying of the eggs. 


Kevin DeVries