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Re: NFC: Use Latin Names

>   I agree whole heartedly since common names are so variable, but It
>might help to include a pronunciation for the scientific names for the
>new comers. I have many different pronunciation of the same name, at
>least in the Cichlid circles. Just a thought.

Don't get me started on pronunciation.  I'm not a scholar of Latin, but I
have yet to hear anyone, including scientists, use what I would consider
correct LATIN pronunciation of Latin species names.  As an aid to learning
names, I suggest reading some good fish books that give etymologies of each
species name.  One that comes to mind is _Fishes of Tennessee_.  At the end
of each species account is a short line or two explaining the origin of the
species name and what the Latin roots mean.  Once you learn some of them,
you will find that many of the root forms are used over and over and are
easily recognizable.

Mark Binkley
Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
mbinkley at earthling_net