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NFC: Rainbow Darters

Well I got 6 Rainbows from Mark
And they are doing well.
I have noticed the 2 males are nicely colored and the females have sort of
filled out ( as in getting thicker longer back towards the tail )

now they are eating like pigs , in fact the biggest male has been named
Mr. Piggy . For after once after a feeding of brine shrimp he looked like
he had swallowed a small marble. So now I feed the brine shrimp in more
than one location so the others have a chance to :~).

Now the females are looking heavier and getting a nice Turquoise sheen to
their gill plates.

So when do you think spawning will take place
and what type of spawners are they - substrate , sand , plant

the tank has Java moss , an clay flower pot left over from some convicts ,
and washed river type rock 1 - 1.5 cm in size.

So has anyone spawned these before and raised the young
Please share

The One Who Walks Two Paths

The One Who Walks Two Paths