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NFC: THE LIST/survey One Man's Response.

Hello All,

Below you will find my response to Robert's survey request.

Norm Edelen

1) Portland, Oregon

2) daily

3) The Good People who populate it and the willingness to freely share
advice and experiences pertaining to our common interest.

4)  The volume of messages, and the repeated postings of the same articles
over and over.

5)  more precise subject lines.  And more cute nicknames!

Thank you for your time,

The North American Native Fishes Association:  over
20 years of conservation efforts, public education, and
aquarium study of our native fishes.  Check it out at

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It does seem like some onetime heavy posters has dissapeared hopefully
they are having fun and are just too busy :)

Id like to start a little survey to get a better idea where the list is

1. What are you from ?

2. How often do you check your email ?

3. Whats your favorite thing about the NFC list ?

3. Whats your least favorite ?

4. If you could make 1 change to the NFC what would it be ?


Robert Rice
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