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Re: NFC: Re: THE LIST/survey

David Zitnik wrote:
> One avenue to explore might be 4-H groups.  Our fisheries club just started a
> program with our local 4-H for fishing, but the program includes an ecology
> section, too, so it's not just fishing.

This is a great idea for in-depth learning because 4-H kids usually have
long-term and short-term projects that they are responsible for, don't

As for Robert's earlier question, my grandfather was invited by the
Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock to speak on saltwater fishing as an
extension of his position as corresponding secretary for a county
sportsman's club.  He frequently wrote articles for the club's monthly
newsletter giving fishing reports and doing some evangelizing to get
trout fishermen to try fishing the ocean for something different.

Most of these sportsman clubs send many kids to such camps.  So a little
shmoozing is necessary to network a little until you find the right
people.  These fishing camps can be pretty exclusive to junior members
of sportsman's clubs so you won't read about them in the local paper. 
Going through the clubs will get you hooked up with the right people. 
Though the fishing camps can be pretty exclusionary when it comes to who
is allowed to come fish, at the same time they need as many educational
programs as possible.

One other great way to raise funds for the NFC and awareness at the same
time is through art.  Every year at fishing camp this old fella, Frank
Smoot, used to come out and sell prints of his North American wildlife
art.  But he would also let the kids make requests which he would
quickly produce with charcoal and give away as a freebie.  His prints
were always big sellers.

I'm afraid you just missed the 1999 Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock
weekend;  they are held the first weekend in May every year at Camp
Saginaw in New London, PA.  I understand that there is also a Maryland
trip that is run by the same "management" but I don't know when.

My grandfather hasn't been able to go on one of these trips for about 10
years now but I'll fire off a letter and see if he has contact
information for this group.  I know that they keep inviting he and I to
go every year, and every year he has been turning them down due to his
body finally convincing his mind that he's no longer able to get around
much anymore.  At any rate, I may be able to get some names.  Is there
anyone on this list in  Pennsylvania that would want to take a shot at
something like that?  A weekend of great trout fishing plus half the day
saturday devoted to educating the younger generation.


Chris Hedemark
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