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Re: NFC: would anyone plan collecting in TN, AL, GA, or NC?

tony wrote:
> I will go to Chattanooga, Tennessee to see the Tennessee aquarium in
> sometimes around May 23th to 26th.  If anyone close by the area want to
> go out collecting in TN, north AL, GA, or east NC and do not mind taking
> extra person [me]  please contact me asap [I will share the travel &
> food & gas expense].  Any deal or suggestion is welcome.

Do you mean west NC?   East NC is a long drive from where you are going
to be. :-)

But if you do end up doing something in western NC please post here if
there is room for one more (though a beginner).  I am located in Durham
but might be able to swing a trip.


Chris Hedemark
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