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Re: NFC: Breeding Crayfish

Yes Moon, I too would like to hear how your culturing the crayfish.  Also for 
Gay and everyone, though currently it is lost in the boxed up mess once my 
library, I purchased a little pamplet type book off the Amozon.com link about 
small scale crayfish farming.  They may still have them. It is an informative 
brief on the ins and outs of the proccesses invloved. One day I'll find it.  
: P     I've been and am still building out my new apartment to fit my needs 
especially fish wise for the past month. I'm finally moved in, but have a bit 
of work to do yet.  As a result, except for Aquarium Society Auctions, I've 
done very little in the way of fishing.  Though we've had a little rain, the 
waters here are still low and this years drought was both untimely and hard 
on the fish populations as it occured during the first major spawning of the 
annual season.  However, they seem to be bouncing back from what I saw last 
week while fishing for a couple of auctions held over the Memorial Day 
weekend.  While on a job site last week I met a man who was refinishing the 
floors and owns a hunting/fishing camp 2 or so miles into the Glades.  He 
explained that in the past, during droughts, he had on occasion been able to 
walk to the site on squishy ground normally only accessable by airboat.  This 
year however he says the ground was cracked and hard like the desert,  I'm 
hoping this is an apparition and not a trend. Well, the rest of my tanks get 
moved this weekend and thats it.   YEAH