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Re: NFC: Re: THE LIST/survey

 4. If you could make 1 change to the NFC what would it be ?

MARKETING.  I didn't know the NFC existed.  I even did searches on the
internet for web sites dealing with the captive care of native fishes. 
But I kept coming up empty handed.  Someone made an obscure reference to
NANFA on a newsgroup thread dealing with sunfishes, and from the NANFA
site I found the NFC.  There are many people out there interested in
native fishes that don't know about the NFC.  There are many popular
aquarium sites that don't know, either.  So advocacy and outreach should
be bigger goals for the NFC, I think.

We agree there...I have recently put our website on 100's of search
engines and I recently faxed out a press release about the nFC to 130 +
outdoor magazines but we need to do more. Anyone got any ideas to get the
word out  let the list know !!!! We do have a limited budget but do have
some funds avaliable for outreach !

Robert Rice
Help Preserve our Aquatic Heritage join the Native Fish Conservancy
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