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NFC: mailing list problem (ADMIN PLS!)

Not sure who runs the list... but there is a slight problem with the
majordomo config file. If you grep it for "nfc-outgoing" you'll find
that it doesn't have a fully qualified hostname after it or even an
"@".  This screws up many mail servers, including the yonderway server,
because if no hostname is specified it defaults to the localhost.  So
then the server tries to parse mail for nfc-outgoing at yonderway_com and
no such user exists so it sends a bounce message to whoever posted to
the NFC list.

I think all that needs to be done is to grep the majordomo config for
the string "nfc-outgoing" and append to that "@actwin.com" and the
problem will be solved.



Chris Hedemark
Email: chris at yonderway_com   ICQ: 28986378
Rural Living at Yonder Way - http://www.yonderway.com/rural