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Re: NFC: Test

robert a rice wrote:
> I havent recieved a note in several days  from the nFC list is it up or
> are folks out actually haveing dare I say fun :) !!!!!

Hi Robert.  We chatted on Sunday night on the NFC chat.  I think I used
the nick "yonderway".

Anyway, I had a real heartbreak this week.  We had a major fish kill
last year in the pond owned by my apartment complex.  Well I went out
there this week with some cheese to see what kinds of fish were still

Let me just say that before the kill, a bit of cheddar would bring out
all the big game fish and lots of sunnies as well.

This week, zip, nada, zilch.  Walked the full perimeter of the pond and
NOTHING bigger than maybe two inches except the muscovy ducks and the
painted turtles.  The fishes I could see were VERY TINY and very few in

Not a single frog jumped into the water, and not a single tadpole
panicked when I walked along the banks.

The pond seems very much *dead*.  And after a year I don't see much
indication that life is working its way back to this pond.  I don't know
what killed the fish in the first place, and if that condition still
exists.  The only thing I *don't* like is there is a scum on the surface
in some of the still areas that just doesn't look like anything I've
seen on a "healthy" pond.

Even the muskrats seem to be gone.  It used to be hard to watch the pond
for more than a few minutes without seeing a muskrat swimming to his
hole.  I haven't seen a single one since the killoff.


Chris Hedemark
Email: chris at yonderway_com   ICQ: 28986378
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