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NFC: DP - collecitng invitation

Hello Everyone,

  I want to re-extend some invitations I made to anyone who would like to
do some collecting in Missouri.

  I will be in central Missouri on May 24th and available to collect.
Anyone who would like to tag up, please contact me personally.  I will
also be available any time after the 24th of May through the 1st of June,
barring Saturdays, to collect in both Missouri and Kansas.  I would
especially like to collect along the Spring River drainage in SW Missouri
for Cardinal shiners, as well as other species.

  I will also be at the Lake of the Ozarks for approx. one week starting
September 24.  I will be availble to collect then as well during the week.

  Anyone interested in any of these dates, please contact me personally.

Luke McClurg