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NFC: American Flagfish, Jordenella floridae


You talk about their spawning in dense weeds
How about Java moss

In most of my tanks I have about 4" to 8" of Java moss covering the
entire bottom of the tank


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	I would agree that flagfish are good candidates for a community
tank.  Make
	sure they get plenty of green food, algae, tiny duckweed, etc.
In a larger
	tank they school loosely and ingnore other fish.  Spawning in
dense weeds
	you may be rewarded with babies that escape being eaten by the
other fish. 
	Another thing is you can through a "mop" in the tank and check
it.  I have
	many killifish, even in communtiy set-ups that used the mop,
even though
	ther were plants and gravel available to spawn in,  If any one
	interested I have one male and 5 females that I'd be willing to
part with,
	in excahnge for elassomas, enneacathus, or fundulus species.
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