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Re: Re: NFC: DP returning fish to the wild

I agree with Robert and recall there was a well known historical 
incident with bobwhite quail that is commonly used in wildlife biology 
classes to illustrate what can happen when you intermingle regional 
populations.  Seems that early in this century, the northern quail 
hunters decided that they had too few quail in their area, having shot 
them all off,  so they imported a whole bunch of quail from the 
Southeast, where they were still plentiful.  Birds were released and 
interbred with the resident quail.  Winter came and the entire 
population was exterminated except for some isolated pockets of quail 
that hadn't been mingled with their southern kin.  Seems that  the F1's 
did not have the appropriate genetics to deal with northern winters.

This is both reassuring and frightening at the same time.  Southern 
species will generally not survive northern winters.  The frightening 
part of it is that they may take a lot of other individuals with them 
when they go.

'Nuff said.

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>A good negative example are the many game birds(pheasants , turkeys etc 
>that have been pen reared for  X generations and are now being releases
>to shore up wild populations. they end up weakening the wild stock
>because in a domestic enviroment passive is good , flighty is bad ...in
>Nature generally the oppisite is true ...Back to lurker mode
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