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Re: NFC: DP returning fish to the wild

Here's something from the NANFA list on this same topic -

>>From Jay DeLong's "Endangered Species Introductions: The Need for Good
(AC, Spting 1998):

The Fall 1997 American Currents (p. 31) reported that several subspecies of the
orangethroat darter have been elevated to species status. I'm sure darter expert
Lawrence Page had known that new species like the strawberry darter were not
orangethroats. What if a well-meaning aquarist had tried to boost the Strawberry
Creek population of the "orangethroat darter" by releasing tank-bred
orangethroat darters, or specimens transferred from another drainage? This would
not have been good for the strawberry darter. Darters can hybridize.... [and]
hybridization has occurred among some rare pupfishes and among Gambusia species
due solely to unwise releases. And what if the two darter species had similar
habitat requirements? The aquarist would have succeeded in introducing a
competitor as well. The effects of such a well-meaning reintroduction could
never be undone. <<

My commentary -
So apart from the theoretical genetic benefits or detriments, it's still
just not a good idea for hobbyists or whoever to be relocating and
releasing animals into the wild.  If you feel compelled to do such a thing,
you have an ethical obligation to write up and publish your work so that
the scientific community can be informed of man made changes to the genetic
constitution of wild populations.  Otherwise, you are hindering the
scientific endeavor and ultimately the understanding and appreciation of
native fishes.

Also, I will oppose anyone who, as a member of NFC or NANFA, engages in
irresponsible behavior with regard to wild animals.  Doing so totally
destroys our credibility with scientists and wildlife agency professionals.
We cannot expect them to legitimize our favorite pastime if they view us
as adversaries and a frustration to their work.

Mark Binkley
Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
mbinkley at earthling_net