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Re: Sunfish health problems

sounds like an ammonia problem...........change your feed to many
blackworms is a bad thing............:)

On Sat, 3 Oct 1998 00:45:44 EDT TysonTL at aol_com writes:
>I have had some reoccurring problems with many of my sunfish recently. 
> I
>thought maybe someone out there may have had some experience with the 
>problems and might know how to treat them.
>Mostly on longear sunfish, an infection that resembles a fungus 
>appears on the
>dorsal and caudal fins.  Eventually the white "puffy" matter 
>disappears, but
>the fish is left with damaged fins that never seem to heal.  This 
>seems to
>affect about 10% of the longears in my tanks and in excess of 25% in 
>my ponds.
>It virtually destroyed a beautiful show-quality male I had last year.  
>treated him with a wide variety of medications over a period of time.  
>from permanently damaged and shredded dorsal fin spines, he is 
>healthy, eating
>and spawning in the ponds along with the other longears.  
>This does not seem to kill or considerably weaken the fish, but I am 
>nervous as it affects more and more longears.  I would really like to 
>know if
>anybody has any ideas on how to stop this or treat the affected fish. 
>Another problem I have had with increasing frequency is a "cloudy 
>infection that has been especially bad on warmouth (Lepomis gulosus).  
>both or one of the eyes turns an opaque, cloudy white and within a few 
>the fish wastes away and dies.  I have lost 4 warmouth and 1 mud 
>sunfish in
>the last few months to this infection.  This occurred in several 
>tanks, so I don't think it is specific to the conditions in any one 
>A similar problem has occurred in my dollar sunfish.  They are 
>maintained in a
>60 gallon tank.  They have been very healthy and spawning for several 
>but recently the dominant male was on a nest and developed a cloudy 
>eye on one
>side.  I was concerned because the fish clearly could not utilize such 
>infected eye.  I removed him to a hospital tank and treated him with
>amphicillex, but he died within a week.  The next largest male began 
>to guard
>a new nest on the same site within a couple of weeks, but now he has 
>the same cloudy eye condition!!!  Is there something I am doing wrong? 
> All my
>tanks are very well maintained with weekly water changes and 
>biological filtration.  
>Recently my longears have developed a similar but different condition 
>in which
>one eye "degenerates".  Some abnormally colored splotches develop in 
>the eye,
>and it appears almost like there is a "hole" in the center of the 
>cornea.  I
>am not sure if these conditions are due to dietary causes, water 
>or otherwise.  If anyone has any ideas on this or any of the other 
>problems I
>described, please contact me at:  TysonTL at aol_com   or post it on the 
>list.  I would like to know if anyone else has experienced any of 
>conditions on Lepomis sunfish.  I am starting to panic as these 
>diseases (or
>infections, or whatever they are)  slowly eliminate my breeding stock 
>one fish
>at a time.  Thank you for your thoughts on this matter.
>Tyson Lagillardaie
>TysonTL at aol_com
>San Diego, CA, USA             

Robert Rice
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