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                Seminole State Report
                       By Robert Rice
                    2213 Prytania Circle
                       Navarre Florida
                   32566   (904) 936-9261

Well  it  seems I jumped the gun on the closing  up  of  the
Seminole  State  Report.  After several  letters  and  phone
calls.  I  realized that it was not only right but necessary
to  have  a Florida report. So here's the new adjusted  plan
Florida  needs to be broken up into North and South regions.
So  let's figure out a functional cut off line and shoot for
spawning  a second Florida chapter this next year !  Florida
is  such  a big state that the folks from say Miami and  the
Keys  would  be very unlikely to ever make it to Tallahassee
or  Pensacola for a regional meeting and vice  versa  so  it
ends  up  stifling group activities. While us North  Florida
folks   often  skip  over  Alabama  or  Mississippi  for   a
collecting trip. We need someone down south to step  up  and
get  a  southern group going. The Miami area  has  about  10
members  which  is  a nice core group so maybe  someone  out
there might want to bite on this one (HINT HINT). I vote  we
make  the cut off just south of Gainesvile  (selfish reasons
sorry)  .  Contact me if the southern region idea  interests
you!  Make your own rules , change the world, have  a  title
that  only a few people know what it means...It can  all  be
yours  with  a regional representative with NANFA!!   Anyhow
what's  more important is we have communication and  fun  in
that  order.  So drop me those notes on activities  in  your
area,  let's get busy !!!

OK OK OK I give in to the seasoned collecting veterans in my
neck of the woods and have moved the Florida meeting to  the
third  weekend in March ! The fishes should be spawning  and
beautiful ! The chow will be spicy and the beaches  will  be

I  got a pleasant note from NANFA Alum and former everything
in  NANFA Dick Stober. He is  expecting to make it  back  to
the  Mobile Alabama area in 1998 and can't wait to get  back
to the waters. He expressed a great excitement at the growth
in  NANFA and in the north Florida, Alabama area. If you would like
to  talk to a legend in NANFA drop him a note at Dick Stober
OPM/SANG  (NGL-T) UNIT 61304 APO AE 09803 , it will brighten
Your day I assure you.

No  report as of yet on the upcoming Fishes of Florida books
being  worked on by Gainesvilles Jim William's  nor  of  the
separate book by the Department of Fisheries Gray Bass  !  I
expect review copies when available (hint !!). Look for more
of  my  writings  in the March Tropical Fish  Hobbyist  (The
Dollar  Sunfish  ) , An upcoming American Fisheries  Society
magazine, and a series of articles in Freshwater and  Marine
Aquarium .

On  a  Final  note  we  need help in  the  following  areas,
articles  on  local  species  and  marine  species  for  the
national publication. Breeding information on many species .
People  willing  to  copy NANFA applications  to  local  pet
stores , nature centers Universities etc. That's it for  now
see  you in the spring.........BTW NANFA now has a website
up visit it at http//