Aquaria FAQ: Mirrors and Alternate Language Versions

Home Site and US Mirror

The official home site of the FAQ is maintained by Erik Olson as part of the The Krib. The United States mirror site is, as part of Mark Rosenstein's FINS. The mirror is updated regularly, so feel free to use either site.

If you are reading this on a site other than the two above, then it is an unofficial and unsanctioned mirror. Hop over to one of the above sites for the "real" version!

Non-US Mirrors

Non-English Versions

We would like to see the FAQs available in any language possible! Currently, though, there are few completed translations. However, there are allegedly groups working on Italian, and Portugese translations. If you are interested in providing translation help, we will add a link here and/or provide a home for the pages on the home site. Drop us a line!

Mirroring Policy

In the interest of keeping the most up-to-date information available and in a consistent format, the maintainers ask that anyone wishing to copy the FAQs onto their web site, please instead use a link to the originating site or one of the official mirrors. If you want to become a mirror site in a country (or connectivity region) with no current mirror, please follow these guidelines:

  1. ask us first (so we can add you to the list above)
  2. refresh the mirror from the home site at least once a month
  3. do not modify the files in any way (such as adding backgrounds, ads, etc.).

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