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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #523

Hello Kim,

Such behavior does not particularly surprise me. Of course, it probably
depends on the particular species & race of the critter that you keep.

While I have not observed Daphnia "scraping" algae from the walls, when
the food concentration is low, the Daphnia congregate on the bottom and
scavenge among the detritus there. Ceriodaphnia behave the same way,
perhaps even more pronounced.

I have often observed, that the concentration of Daphnia close to the
container wall is denser than in the middle of the vessel. Are they
harvesting the little sessile critters on the wall? Could be.

I don't think that Daphnia can open their carapace and use it as a
"scraper". Perhaps the concentration of microscopic life around a clump
of algae is higher than average?



> George,
> You are certainly correct about daphnia being filter feeders, but I have
> recently observed "scavenger" behavior in a jar which was depleted of
> suspended food.  They would open their bivalves and appear to scrape the
> algae from the side of the jar.  This probably suspends tiny particles which
> their filter feeding mechanism can then ingest.
> Just a casual observation-any thoughts?
> Kim