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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #521

Hello Chuck,

In my experience, aeration with LARGE bubbles prevents temperature
stratification and helps to keep food (algae, yeast) in suspension.

I don't know, whether the folklore that fine bubbles get under Daphnia's
carapace resulting in floaters is true. I have had floaters in an
UNaerated container. In a 10 gal tank, large bubbles, straight out of an
airline every 1-2/sec., do an effective stirring job. 

Daphnia are filter-feeders -- they injest only suspended particles.
Although I have never tried it, I imagine any kind of filter (foam, UGF,
etc.) would remove (filter) suspended particles from solution, thus
depriving Daphnia of food.



> I am setting up three daphnia tanks and am wondering about air.  My
> intentions are to put a little circulation in.  Is there any advantage or
> disadvantage to using a foam filter?  What about an undergravel filter?
> I am doing a little experimenting and am going to set up one each of a bare
> tank, gravel tank and gravel tank with UGF.  Comments and experiences welcome.
> Chuck Church
> Indianapolis, Indiana USA