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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #499

Hi Wright,

> Check the previous digest. It was 37% formaldehyde, 1 drop/G, every other
> day.

> Plenty of rinsing and water changes. I do about 3 100% changes before using,
> unless from a store I trust to maintain them in running water.
The rinsing is mandatory as lotsa scum comes with the worms.  Purging
(soak in water with heavy aeration) them overnite will clear up some of
the gunk in their innards as well.

> Robert Nhan of San Jose (now Fremont) has done it with blackworms. Seven 10G
> tanks with deep (2-3") fine (30 grit) sand and heavy aereation. Seed all
> with a pound or so (total) of worms, and feed daily with cheap flake fish
> food, as heavily as possible without bad bacterial bloom. Do *lots* of water
> changes. On week three, start harvesting half a tank per day, and the other
> halves on week 4. Week five go back to the first halves, etc.
Point noted but that lotsa work and space required.  Doesn't seem very
viable in the long run.

> All too labor intensive, for me. I could raise a *lot* of fish in 7 10G
> tanks, and buy lots more worms with their sale. YMMV.
You're right, Wright

.. back to the drawing board.
> PS. If you run your RO unit all the time, ever consider using the overflow
> waste water in plastic raingutters to provide slow, constant 100% water
> change for worms, before putting it through your drip-irrigation system on
> the patio?
I'm in an apartment on the ninth floor, no raingutters or patio for me
to talk about ;-)