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Re: Tubifex

Hi Wright,

> From: Wright Huntley <huntley1 at home_com>

> Subject: Re: Tubifex
> If you *do* get flatworms or hydra, LMK and I'll give you an easy one-week
> cure.
And what might that 'one-week cure' be?  With store-bought live tubifex,
is there a good way of dis-infecting them (or at least render them
'bug/pest-free') before using them for culturing.

Also, is there a viable method of culturing of tubifex?  I'm attempting
having them in a air-lifted overflow box that filled with fine
gravel/sand that returns to a plant only 35 liter plastic tank but the
'harvest' is very minimal.  Am I not feeding them enough (yeast & flour)
or WHAT should they be fed with?  Any suggestions?