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Re: inedible hair algae

I have an almost purely groundless theory, based only on some aquarium 
observations that support yours. It seems to me that when algae and plants 
grow in an aquarium with fish or snails, the only algae species that survive 
are those that are too tough, too bad-tasting, or something that gives them 
immunity to the kind of fish they are with. So I raise the hair algae in one 
tank and feed it to the fish in another. I have two kinds of hair algae that 
most fish eat. One is very soft and slimy to the touch if removed from the 
water and light green. The other one is almost black, grows from a holdfast, 
and if the current is not too strong, it has a vase-like shape. If mollies 
won't eat an alga, I'd try to eliminate that species and find another to 
culture in a separate tank.