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Re: Dead animals for Daphnia

I agree with the dead animal idea, and as I usually tell people, meat
products are far better because they promote bacterial growth (which seem 
to be the best food for high Daphnia reproduction rates). I beg to differ
with the vegetable hypothesis. Among the foods I've tried are
the pea/carrot/etc thing, yeast, free-living algae, cows blood (yup),
cooked pork/beef/mutton, raw meat, and dog biscuits, among others. What
did I find? The meat wins hands down every time by a long shot.
Free-living algae and yeast are the best of the rest, but they don't come
close to the bacteria that show up when meat rots in water in terms of the
Daphnia numbers produced. Also, the Daphnia are always very red/salmon

Anyway, if you need a witness I'm there :).


  John Clare                     Email:             jpc at itintelligence_com